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Food Pairing & Variants

   Food Pairing   

Refreshing, versatile and with moderate alcohol, Prosecco Superiore DOCG is ideal for all occasions.


It is famous worldwide as a must at “aperitivo-time”, a ritual that has now become popular globally, establishing an iconic moment of Italian lifestyle. However, thanks to its variable level of sweetness, Prosecco Superiore is also very suitable for drinking throughout a meal, particularly in the Brut version.


It should always be served “straight” (never mixed) and the secret of matching it with food is succeeding in combining its elegant, non-invasive personality with dishes that show off the quality of the ingredients.

Prosecco Food Paring
Prosecco Food Paring
Prosecco Food Paring
Prosecco Food Paring
Prosecco Food Paring


The most contemporary and inclined to meet international tastes. Characterized by fragrances rich in scents of citrus fruits and vegetal notes, accompanied by an attractive hint of crusty bread and great liveliness in the mouth. The fine bubbles (“perlage”) ensure a persistent flavour and help create the palate. It is particularly good with fish or vegetables, seafood-based pasta and rice dishes, or, as it is used in its area of production, for drinking throughout the meal.


Sugar: 0 – 12 grams per liter

Serving temperature: 6 - 8 °C



The most traditional, combining the aroma quality with the tanginess of the bubbles. Its colour is a bright straw, enlivened by the perlage. Fresh and elegant, it is rich in aromas of apples, pears and hints of citrus fruits that shade into floral tones. The wine is mellow yet gives a feeling of dryness, thanks to its vibrant acidity. Excellent as aperitivo, it is ideal with bean and seafood soups, pasta dishes with delicate meat sauces, creamy cheeses and poultry.


Sugar: 12 – 17 grams per liter

Serving temperature: 6 - 8 °C



The least common version, which highlights fruity and floral notes. It has a pale straw yellow color and delicate nose, with hints of citrus fruits, white peaches and green apples. On the palate it is tangy, fresh and rounded, thanks to its elegant sweet note. To mitigate its sweetness, it should be served very cool. This is a style that can be used for varied and sometimes unusual pairings, from dry pastries to the spicy dishes of ethnic and fusion cuisine.


Sugar: 17 – 32 grams per liter

Serving temperature: 6 °C

Label ProseccoSuperiore DOCG
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