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Our Wineries

Defined by Our Region, Crafted by our Winemakers

We want to offer only the most rare Prosecco Superiore bottles, those you would not find elsewhere.

Hence we have carefully selected only the most awarded small and niche Wineries of Valdobbiadene, those who have a more intimate relationship with their vines, whose wines transmit that elusive quality that makes it special: a sense of place, a certain flavour and feeling that only comes from that specific site.

Read all their fascinating stories…
Prosecco most awarded small producers

Rivalta was born thanks to Alessio Caldart’s passion. The family’s philosophy has always been pushing towards the creation of a top quality and harmonic product, a perfect blend of grapes quality, soil and sun that created it all. Rivalta believes in a traditional kind of production that treat vines with products that don’t harm the environment. The grapes, harvested by hand, arrive at the winery having maintained their freshness and fragrance, with the correct acidity and flavouring, ready for the vinification process.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

Silvana and Massimo De Nardo grew up in Valdobbiadene and after several years abroad as Business Consultants decided to return back to the old family traditions. Like the chameleon which they have chosen to symbolise their adventure, Silvana and Massimo can adapt to any environment: leaving behind their busy urban lives, they created their unique winery in the heart of the Valdobbiadene hills. With pride, passion and a keen sense of ethics, Fasol Menin maintains personal control over the entire production process, applying only the most advanced, eco-friendly technologies.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

Col Vetoraz is located on the very top of the homonymous hill next to the “Mont” of Cartizze in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene, one of the highest point in Cartizze, 400 meters above the sea level. Miotto Family settled down in Col Vetoraz in 1838 and started growing vines. In 1993 Francesco, a direct descendant of Miotto family, established the current Col Vetoraz with a passionate team. “In these last years the growth in experience of Col Vetoraz has been renowed and we have now reached a great point to contribute to the identification and qualification of our wonderful Land”.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

The Duca di Dolle Cantina wants to ensure the most possible naturalness to its wines and an environmental management that respects the ecosystem. In order do do so, the owners family initiated in 2014 a series of collaborations with Universities and Research Centres, Oenology Schools, well known winemakers and agronomists, to guarantee, through experimental techniques and innovative technology, the best care of the vineyard and at the same time the minimal residual chemicals in the wine and in the environment.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

“I grew up helping my grandfather to harvest Glera grapes for the Valdobbiadene consortium, and in 2012 together with my wife we merged our families lands and started our own Prosecco production, that’s how Venti3 was born. Our choice has always been to have a very limited and accurate production of Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut, Extra Dry e Dry, (20.000 bottles), carefully selecting our grapes with the least invasive possible harvest”.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

Santa Eurosia was born in San Pietro di Barbozzza in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG and Superiore di Cartizze, an extraordinary land foundation for Sant’Eurosia philosophy of life: “Our wines in fact, supporting the potential of nature, give outstanding results. The 'prise de mousse' long and cared for, pays off with a unique product that rewards a feeling of bursting strength and youth”.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

The Sandrin Winery was born in 2009, even though the story of this wine producer started sixty years before when Alessandro Stramare, also known as "Sandrin", started his activity of tenant farmer in the fields set on top of Valdobbiadene, today owned by his family.

In 1971 Alessandro bought the whole hill of 8 hectares and, with the support of his wife and children, he started the selling of the first products until  2009 when the Azienda Agricola Sandrin was assigned to Antonella’s family. Their purpose is to cultivate with passion an ancient art handed down from father to son, in order to bring back the products that wrote the history of Prosecco in the past years.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

For more than 80 years the Grotto family has cultivated and produced Cartizze in their small property at Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene:  “My wine is ‘only for the few’, not just because our production has been limited to a few thousand bottles per year over four generations, but also because I choose to make wines that don’t seek to satisfy every palate and that break the rules. From here the classic method, wines with very low sugar content, arriving at zero with the new Cartizze Brut: wonderful interpretative possibilities offered by grapes that I cultivate with passion and admiration”.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

The "Follo" is an agricultural village in the area of Valdobbiadene, on the famous foothill of Cartizze. The winery is situated there as well as their finest vineyards named  "Villa Luigia". This village of old wine tradition expresses the history and the culture of these lands, and it has become the cantina's brand since 2002. For many generations, the “Follador” has taught to their families the tradition of "follare l'uva", that is to say, "making wine" and it is a profession that Vittorio Follador, together with his sons Luca, Maria and Marta, carries on today.

Prosecco most awarded small producers

Canevel was set up in 1979.  Since the beginning, when Mario Caramel, a producer of vinegar and a wine merchant from Oderzo, and the wine making expert Roberto De Lucchi, founded the wine making company in a small workshop below the church of Santo Stafano di Valdobbiadene, the dream was clear: to produce a sparkling wine of excellence that would use at best the qualities of the Glera grape.

"Canevel" in local dialect means "small cellar". This is what the new venture was intended to be: the best place to safeguard secrets and traditions.

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Matilde wants you to live great moments with your friends and family, while keeping in mind that we owe it all to our generous and complex planet Earth.

"We are three brothers, Giacomo, Leopoldo and Francesco,  grown up far away from Italy, but fortunate enough to have grandparents living in the Prosecco region, who taught us to appreciate its many delicacies.
Allways feeling close to this Region, thanks to our father, who has been growing Prosecco grapes for 15 years, the step to producing our own Prosecco was an idea within our reach. So we decided to plant our own first  vineyard, that would be tended to following organic and agroecological principles, and would one day give birth to a top-of-the-class Prosecco Superiore".

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